October 2017





software development and installation

Spread your wings and head for the skies!

When Google ran their 2017 Partners Masterclass their theme was ‘Spread Your Wings’, so we pieced together a soaring installation that gave attendees a chance to realise everyone’s greatest dream: a brunch date with the cast of Seinfeld, in character.

Using Microsoft Kinects, we did some tricky shit & mapped skeletons & arm joints & then attached a set of legit programmatic wings, which mirrored their movements.

Over 1,000 lucky ducks spread their wings, hit the skies & took great selfies for Instagram.

We’ve still got a set at Grumps HQ that we bust out on Friday afternoon beers, if ever you want to come by for an Angry Birds sesh.


The Oracles cross-platform experience by Punchdrunk

Enchanted objects, wide eyes and a call to adventure!

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