March 2022


Melbourne Museum


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Having recently acquired Horridus, the most complete and finely preserved Triceratops fossil in the world, Melbourne Museum set out to enthrall and connect its visitors to the long extinct world of the Cretaceous, by highlighting the grandeur and magnificence of the most formidable herbivore in history.

Travelling back through time between the sun-dappled foliage and vibrant greens, an array of dinosaurs appear to be very curious about your strange intrusion. Get too close? They might rush up to meet your gaze. The mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex stalks through the forest as the Triceratops’ fate is sealed.

Making your way into the main hall, the mighty fossil of Horridus instantly commands your attention. A spectacle to behold, the sheer scale of the Triceratops takes your breath away. Exquisitely crafted 3D animations bring the intricate insights of paleontologists to life, piece by piece. Walking up the stairs, a meteor flashes; Impact! Wiping out 75% of all life in a single moment, this is the cataclysmic event that changed the Earth forever.


How to Move a Zoo

A pouncing, trotting, hopping parade through the streets of Sydney’s past.

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