October 2022


Waverley Council & TZG Architects


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Video projection

Video projection

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Our brief was to capture the iconic essence of Bondi, an integral pocket of Australian culture, inside the newly restored Bondi Pavilion. How might we synthesise and showcase the rich collection of community stories that makes this Australian suburb so unique?

Inside the Bondi Pavilion, a magnificent painterly panorama of the iconic Bondi Beach coastline is projected across an eight metre wall. This illustrated time-lapse depicts the beach from sunrise to sunset, whilst a locally recorded soundscape immerses visitors from busy streets to peacefully crashing waves. Moving closer to the wall, visually-impaired visitors are further oriented by a debossed line, which traces the projected coastline.

Peppering the scene, touchable UI overlays reveal stories of local characters and legends, brought to life by rich image galleries and text. QR codes link to the companion website allowing for further reading from users’ own devices.The companion website invites locals to contribute their own story to the mural.


Writs to Referendums

A vibrant, interactive journey through the electoral system which affords all Australians an equal say.

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Grumpy Sailor operates on lands belonging to the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, and the Boon Wurrung and Woiwurrung (Wurundjeri) peoples of the Kulin nation.

We acknowledge these traditional owners and we pay our respects to leaders past, present and emerging.